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Your fees are based on the complexity of your financial situation, not the amount of money you have.  Learn why a flat fee pricing structure is revolutionizing financial planning.



Digital Plan

  • Identify Personal Goals
  • Analyze Income/Expenses
  • Create Investment Model
  • Net Worth Statement
  • Goal Results
  • 1x Meeting Per Year
Custom Plan

  • Beginner Plan Plus:
  • Income Tax Projection
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Investment Advice
  • Personal Risk Analysis
  • 2x Meetings Per Year
Custom Plan

  • Advanced Plan Plus:
  • Custom Investing
  • Retirement Planning
  • LLC/Corp/K-1 Strategy
  • Business Planning
  • 4x Meetings Per Year

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+ Why do you have a 12-month initial contract?

The 12-month initial contract is designed to make the monthly or quarterly payments more manageable. For example, instead of charging you $3,000 up front for the Advanced Plan, you can pay $250 per month over 12 months. Additionally, you have access to me anytime during the 12 months, which helps if your financial plan takes longer to implement.

+ What happens after 12-months?

After the initial 12 months, your relationship with Derive Wealth continues on. However you are no longer under any contract and can cancel anytime.

+ Does your pricing depend on how much money I have?

Absolutely not! My pricing is independent of how much money you have or how much money you make. It is strictly based on the complexity of your situation.

+ What's the difference between a digital and custom plan?

A custom financial plan is hand written by me and the most comprehensive plan I offer. The custom financial plan is approximately 20 pages delving into every area of your finances.

A digital financial plan is created by the financial planning software I use, MoneyGuidePro. These plans are great to analyze a single goal and to get organized. However a digital plan lacks the income tax, cash flow statement, personal liability, and estate planning analysis.

+ How many times can I meet with you?

My fee structure is based on complexity and time involved. For the Beginner plan, we meet once per year. For the Advanced plan, we meet every 6 months. For the Professional plan, we meet every quarter. Regardless of the plan you select, I'm always available by email and phone.

+ Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes! Earn all the points you like.

+ How does your billing work?

All billing is done in arrears, meaning your payment is processed at the end of every month or quarter. When you intially sign up, there is no charge until you complete your first monthly or quarterly cycle.

+ Why do you charge for financial planning?

You are correct, most companies offer financial planning for free. Usually under these arrangements, the company is making money by trying to sell you products or by convincing you to let them manage your investments. Under both of these arrangements, the advisor faces a conflict of interest by recommending products and services that may only benefit them, not you.

+ What's the benefit of flat fee pricing?

Most financial advisors charge a percentage of your investments, on average 1%, to create a financial plan for you. This has two major flaws: First, to receive professional advice you need to have significant money to invest. Second, as your investments go up in value (which they should!) so does your fees.

I don't believe financial advice should get more expensive over time. Charging a flat fee allows me to provide advice independent on how successful your investments are.

+ Is Investment Advice Included In Your Fee?

Yes! We charge one simple fee for both financial planning and investment advice.

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