Your Future Starts Today

How To Get Started


Good Fit Meeting

See if we make a good team together.

Step 1: Let’s Get To Know Each Other

You probably have a lot of questions, and so do I. My good fit meeting is designed to make sure we are compatible to work together. No cost, no selling, no obligation. Just an honest conversation. Schedule your 45 minute phone meeting easily online. Or if you prefer an in person meeting, just contact me.

Review Contract & Proposal

Let’s make it official.

Step 2: Sign The Dotted Line

Yes, we do have fine print. Luckily, it is all designed to keep you informed and in the driver’s seat. You will receive a proposal along with a client contract to review and sign. Also, you can initiate your payments easily online.

Submit Your Financial Data

Time to get organized!

Step 3: Your Homework Begins

It’s time for me to start reading your mind. I need to know how you view your money, where it all is, what spreadsheets you keep, or where you hide the unopened envelopes. You can securely and easily submit your financial data using my online worksheet.

You Are Done

Now My Work Begins.


Now the ball is in my court. I start crunching the numbers, building your plan, and creating my recommendations. It usually takes me 7 - 10 business days to complete.