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Each Financial Plan Starts With An Honest Conversation.

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I Have A Unique Situation.
Fee Only Financial Advisor

"No Two Financial Plans I Create Are The Same."
You have your own personality. Your financial plan should too.  Each plan I design is tailored to your exact specifications.

I Need Honest Advice.
Fee Only Financial Advisor

"I Don't Sell Any Products Or Work On Commissions."
As a fiduciary, I am legally responsible for the advice I give.  That means every discussion and recommendation I provide must be in your best interest. 100% of the time.

I Deserve Fair Pricing.
Fee Only Financial Advisor

"My Pricing Is Based On The Advice You Need, Not The Money You Have."
My flat fee pricing model is designed to make financial advice affordable for everyone.

Hand Crafted Financial Plans

Financial Advice Designed Around Your Specific Needs.

Fee Only Financial Planning
Smarter Decisions

Make Smarter Decisions
Step by step advice to manage your money and reach your goals.

Worry  Free

Gain Confidence
Live worry free knowing your finances are on track.

Build wealth

Increase Wealth
Learn to remove financial roadblocks to allow your money to snowball.

Intelligent Investment Portfolios

Invest Confidently Using Academic Research.


Gain access to a unique investment firm that uses academic research and financial science to build cost effective investment portfolios.

Financial Advice & Stories

Brighten Up Your Finances With Real Life Insights.

 Personal Finance Blog

Experienced Financial Advisor

Independent & Fee Only. The Right Way To Work Together.


Greetings!  I founded Derive Wealth to provide financial advice the right way: by focusing 100% on you.

I've worked my way through large corporations and always felt clients took the back seat.  It's time you sit in the Captain's chair.

Learn more about fee only financial advice and the Derive Wealth difference.

 Ryan Miyamoto CFP
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Flat Fee Pricing

The Easiest Decision You Will Make.

 Flat Fee Investing


Dealing with your finances is tough enough.  Trying to figure out how much you are paying to your financial advisor should not be.

I believe in an easy to understand, flat fee pricing structure based on the complexity of your financial situation, not the amount of money you have.

See what financial planning level is appropriate for you by instantly creating a personal proposal.

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