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Dimensional Fund Advisors use financial science and academic research to design portfolios.  Based on the work of numerous Nobel Laureates, Dimensional aligns seamlessly with those investors who take a long term view with their investments.

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10 Steps You Must Conquer Before Investing

Flat Fee Investing

Access Dimensional Funds Portfolios for $10 Per Month

 Flat Fee Investing

No Minimums

Gone are the days where professional management is only for the wealthy.

 Flat Fee Investing

No Percentages

We don't charge you based on the value of your accounts.  

 Flat Fee Investing

No Hidden Fees

100% transparent pricing structure.  Know exactly your cost to invest.

Stay Informed

Real Time Portfolio Access


Text Message Updates

Received updates on demand by texting "bal" to get your current balance and "per" to get your current performance.

Or set up automatic messages to text you daily, weekly, or monthly at a set time.

On Demand Performace

Markets got you spooked?  No longer do you have to wait until your next meeting or monthly statements.

Access real time performance by account, investment, and household level.

How It Works

A Modern Day Approach

 Flat Fee Investing

We Cut Out The Middle Man

We let you access Dimensional Funds directly without layering on an additional fee. 

 Flat Fee Investing

Fully Diversified Portfolios

Each portfolio is fully diversified globally between stocks and bonds.  Additionally each fund is rebalanced to stay within your comfort level.

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Access Dimensional Funds

Your money is managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors, an investment firm designed by academic research.

 Flat Fee Investing

One Simple Fund

No need to purchase each position individually.  We keep transaction costs down by using an all in one approach.  One purchase provides instant diversification.

Potential Cost Savings

Keep More of Your Hard Earned Money

 Flat Fee Investing

The financial industry has done a tremendous job of convincing the public the only route to professional management is by paying a 1% fee.  

We have a better way.  Why should you pay more in fees as your accounts grow?  We can't think of a good answer either.

Our flat fee approach doesn't penalize you for growing your account.  Or saving more.  Or rolling over your 401k.  That just doesn't make sense.  

The savings are significant.  Check out how a 25-year old can lose over $500,000 paying a 1% fee. (source: NerdWallet)

Dimensional Funds Portfolio Options

Select The Portfolio Right For You

Stay On Track

We Are Right Here With You

 Pasadena financial advisor

Human Advice

You have what it takes to be a successful investor.  It's those darn emotions that keep getting in the way.

When times get tough, know you have a resource to lean on.  Let us help you stay the course with education, planning, and motivation from a community of investors just like you.

Feel Confident Again

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