We Can Do Amazing Things Together

It All Starts With A Plan.


Get Organized

Each plan has 5 unique sections to organize your finances.

Get Educated

Learn the “why” behind the financial decisions you make.

Get Inspired

Understand where you want to go and what it takes to get there.


An Approach As Unique As You

Your Money Is Personal. Your Financial Plan Should Be Too.

Personal Focus
Each plan is tailored to your personality and goals.

Adaptable Plan
Adjust your goals and amend your plan as life changes.  

Multiple Scenarios
Create multiple scenarios to understand your trade offs and sacrifices.


Detailed Analytics
Take a deep dive into the calculations to see how your financial plan is built.

Genuine Advice
Receive advice from a fiduciary &  fee-only Certified Financial Planner.

100% Custom
Create a plan that matches your outlook on life and what means the most to you.


Comprehensive Tax Analysis

Don’t Wait Until Filing To Know Where You Stand

We create a 5-year tax projection analyzing your current and future tax liabilities.  Wonder how your tax situation may change by buying a house?  Contributing to a 401k?  Or selling stock?

Take the guesswork out of your taxes with our comprehensive analysis.


Insightful Budget Statement

Create A Budget You Can Actually Learn From

There are plenty of budget apps and software you can use.  But the question remains: what do you do with your results?

Our cash flow statement allows you to understand your results and provide insightful data into the trade offs you make.

Personal Goals

Realistic Goal Tracking

Understand How To Make Your Dreams A Reality

You want to retire.  Buy a home. Send your kids to college.  Start a business.  Or simply go on vacation.

Our sophisticated software allows you to see your progress towards multiple goals, examine trade offs, and identify the most efficient route to pursue.


Investment Education

Match Your Investments With Your Expectations

Take a deep dive into your current investments by understanding what you own, your risk level, and what fees you may be paying.

Not interested in running your own portfolios?  No problem, we can take the burden off your shoulders with our flat fee portfolios.

Plus Much More...

Additional Sections Depending On Your Needs.

Insurance Analysis
Dissect your personal insurance and liability coverages.

Estate Review
Learn what documents you need and when you need them. 

Employer Benefits
Understand your benefits package and your enrollments.

Financial Planning Process

How To Get Started.

  • Good Fit Meeting

    Lets get to know each other. Our complimentary introduction meeting allows you to learn more about financial planning, how it works, and an opportunity to discuss your specific situation.

  • Data Gathering

    Your homework begins! Our second meeting consists of gathering your financial data and creating a blueprint to build your financial plan. We discuss in detail your financial statements and personal goals to include in the plan.

  • Financial Plan Presentation

    The results are in! The financial plan presentation meeting is designed to share my recommendations and feedback.

  • Amend and Update

    As life happens and your goals change, we continue to monitor and update to stay on track.


Good To Know.

+ Is there an initial cost to meet with you?

No! The initial good fit meeting is complimentary and designed to make sure I can add value to your situation.

+ How do you get paid?

I work on a fixed fee basis. I charge an annual fee, broken down into monthly or quarterly payments. I do not receive any compensation from product sales or any other commissions. You can view my pricing here.

+ Can we meet in person or virtually?

Both! If you are local to Pasadena we can meet at my office. If you prefer to work virtually we can do so as well. There is no additional cost one way or the other.

+ Am I limited to how many times I can meet with you?

I do have limits based on the pricing level you select. It ranges from 1x to 4x per year. However I do not place limits on email or phone conversations.

+ Do you work by the hour or by project?

Unfortunately I do not. Each engagement starts with an annual contract. My services are best suited for those who are looking for a long term relationship. However there are other financial planning organizations that I can point you to that do more hourly/project work.

+ Are you a Fiduciary?

I am by law. Derive Wealth is a Registered Investment Adviser and legally bound to the fiduciary oath.

No, I provide strategies and guidance when it comes to taxes and estate planning, however do not prepare any tax returns or legal documents. I do have a network of CPA's and Attorney's I can refer you to.

+ What software do you use?

Each advanced and professional level plan is hand written by me. I use a variety of software to analyze and create recommendations. For the beginner plan, I use MoneyGuidePro to create your financial plan.

+ What information do you need from me to get started?

I provide you with a checklist as well as an electronic worksheet to upload all the relevant documents I need. From a high level, I will need copies of your tax returns, pay stubs, investment statements, estate planning documents, mortgage statements, and any budget information you can provide.

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