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Build Wealth Confidently With Goal Based Investing


A Simple Process

1. Set Your Destination

Establish the goals you need to invest for.

2. Build Your Portfolio

Select a portfolio based on the timing of your goals.

3. Invest Confidently

Gain peace of mind your investments are aligned.


1. Set Your Destination:

Select Your Goal

You tell us where you want to go and we design an investment strategy based on the timing of your goals.


2. Build Your Portfolio:

Financial Planning Analytics

We take the analytics and results from your comprehensive financial plan to create investment portfolios specific to your needs.


3. Invest Confidently

Understand What Your Are Investing For


By aligning your goals with your investments, you transition from speculating to investing, leading to a feeling of confidence and excitement.


How It Works

We Use Financial Planning Analytics To Create Investment Portfolios


Financial Plan Analytics

Portfolios Optimized To Your Situation

Tax Projection
By proactively reviewing your tax return, we can design a tax efficient investment strategy.


Cash Flow Analysis
By understanding when you need to take withdraws from your investments, we can manage risk and minimize losses.

Net Worth Statement
By understanding the various investment accounts you own, we can segment your money into conservative and aggressive buckets.


Personal Goals
The most important factor, by understanding what you are investing for creates personalization of your investment strategy.

Learn More About How We Create Financial Plans

Intelligent Investing

Institutional Investment Managers


We provide access to Dimensional Funds, an investment firm founded on academic research and financial science.


One Simple Fee

Our Investment Advice Is Combined With Your Financial Planning Fee


Fee Structure

One Flat Monthly Fee

Coordinated Pricing

We provide financial planning and investment management for one simple fee.

No Percentage Fees

By charging a flat fee, your fee does not increase with the value of your investments.

Three Pricing Levels

We have three levels of financial planning and investment advice to choose from.

See Our Pricing Levels

Easy To Use Technology

Real Time Portfolio Access


Digital Platform

Information At Your Fingertips

Text Message Updates

Received updates on demand or set up automatic messages to text you daily, weekly, or monthly at a set time.


Client Portal

24/7 access to your account balances, asset allocation, performance, investment statements, and tax forms. 

Flat Fee Investing

On Demand Performance

Access real time performance by account, investment, and household level.


Mobile App

Access your accounts anywhere you are.  Our mobile app is available on both the Apple and Google platforms.

Top Questions


+ Where is my money held?

Derive Wealth does not hold any of your money directly. We have selected a third party custodian, TD Ameritrade Institutional, as the company responsible for securely holding your investments.

+ What am I invested in?

Each portfolio can be comprised of mutual funds, index funds, and/or exchange traded funds. We also can work with your existing investments, which may include individual stocks and other securities.

+ Who is managing my investments?

Derive Wealth manages the portfolios. We partner with a select group of investment managers, such as Dimensional Funds, to enhance our research and strategies.

+ Can I invest in Dimensional Funds on my own?

Dimensional Funds is mainly offered through a select group of financial advisors approved to offer their mutual funds. Generally Dimensional Funds are not available to purchase on your own.

+ What fees do I pay?

Derive Wealth charges a single fee that covers both your financial planning and investment advice. The fees we charged are based on the complexity of your financial plan and investment strategy. However you are responsible for any transaction costs charged by TD Ameritrade Institutional.

+ Can I invest with you without a financial plan?

Unfortunately we do not offer stand alone investing. Our investment strategies are driven by taking a holistic view of your financial picture, and we need a thorough understanding of your financial plan in order to customize portfolios.

+ Why do you charge a flat fee?

Common practice is for financial advisor's to charge a percentage fee based on the value of your account. Typically the fee starts at 1% per year. This means your fees go up just due to your account balance increasing. Under this method, you are punished for saving more, rolling over your retirement accounts, selling your home and investing the proceeds, or simply the stock market increasing in value.

+ How do I get started?

Give us a shout to schedule a complimentary initial consultation to see if we are a good fit for you.

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