Flat Fee Investing

Discover The First True Alternative To Fee-Based Investing

Derive Wealth provides access to professionally managed investment portfolios for one simple, flat monthly fee.  By aligning our fee structure with your success, we make institutional quality investment management affordable for everyone.

  • Flat Fee

    Any Amount

  • 1% Fee


  • 1% Fee


  • 1% Fee


Flat Fee Investing

No Minimums

Gain access to professional investment management without any minimum account size.

Flat Fee Investing

No Percentages

Feel confident your fees will remain level regardless of your account balance.

Flat Fee Investin

No Hidden Fees

Put your calculator away. You pay one flat monthly fee per account plus transaction costs.

Learn Why The Fees You Pay Matter

Keep More of Your Wealth

Engineered To Keep More Money Invested


Traditional Fee-Based Investing Is Expensive.

You cannot control what the stock market does.  But you can control the fees you pay. 

Fee-based investing calculates your fee based on a percentage of your account balance.  Anytime your account grows, your fee goes up.

A $100k account that grows to $250k increases your fees 150% from $1,000 to $2,500 per year.*

*Assuming a 1.00% annual fee of the investment balance.  For illustrative purposes only.

*Assuming a 1.00% annual fee of the investment balance.  For illustrative purposes only.

Enhance Your Investment Experience

Not Just Changing How You Invest, But What You Invest In


Our investment platform is powered by Dimensional Funds, an investment firm founded on academic research and financial science.  Gain access to their unique approach to generate returns and build wealth.


Three Portfolio Options

Select A Portfolio Based On Your Comfort Level & Financial Needs

Choose from three professionally managed portfolios based on your investment style and financial goals.

Income Portfolio

  • Designed To Generate Income
  • Conservative Risk Level
  • 3 - 5 Year Time Frame
  • Focus On Preservation
  • Global Diversification
  • Professionally Rebalanced
plus trading costs

Global 25/75 Portfolio

Designed for investors looking to preserve capital and generate income.  Suitable for retirees and conservative investors who prefer a slow and steady approach.

Balanced Portfolio

  • Blended Growth & Income
  • Moderate Risk Level
  • 5 - 7 Year Time Frame
  • Focus On Balanced Growth
  • Global Diversification
  • Professionally Rebalanced
plus trading costs

Global 60/40 Portfolio

Designed for investors looking for a blended mix of growth and income.  Suitable for all ages and investors who prefer a balanced approach.

Growth Portfolio

  • Designed To Generate Growth
  • Aggressive Risk Level
  • 7 - 10 Year Time Frame
  • Focus On Growth
  • Global Diversification
  • Professionally Rebalanced
plus trading costs

Global 100 Equity Portfolio

Designed for investors looking for aggressive growth and capital appreciation.  Suitable for investors who have a long term time frame and who can handle volatility.

Easy To Use Technology

Real Time Portfolio Access

Text Message Updates

Received updates on demand or set up automatic messages to text you daily, weekly, or monthly at a set time.


Client Portal

24/7 access to your account balances, asset allocation, performance, investment statements, and tax forms. 

Flat Fee Investing

On Demand Performance

Markets got you spooked?  Access real time performance by account, investment, and household level.


Mobile App

Access your accounts anywhere you are.  Our mobile app is available on both the Apple and Google platforms.

Top Questions



+ Where is my money held?

Derive Wealth does not hold any of your money directly. We have selected a third party custodian, TD Ameritrade Institutional, as the company responsible for securely holding your investments.

+ What am I invested in?

Each portfolio is comprised of one single mutual fund that has built in diversification as described. A single purchase keeps transactions costs and recording keeping expenses down.

+ Who is managing my investments?

Derive Wealth has partnered with Dimensional Funds who provide the day to day management of each portfolio. Each portfolio is monitored and rebalanced based on the current outlook of Dimensional Fund's investment committee.

+ Can I access these investments on my own?

Dimensional Funds are not available to the general public. Derive Wealth is part of a select group of advisors approved to offer their investment strategies to investors.

+ What fees do I pay?

Derive Wealth charges $20 per month per account to access our investment platform. Also, you pay any transaction costs charged by TD Ameritrade for buying and selling the portfolio. Currently this fee is $9.99 per trade. Lastly, each portfolio has an internal expense ratio.

+ Why do you charge a flat fee?

Common practice is for financial advisor's to charge a percentage fee based on the value of your account. Typically the fee starts at 1% per year. This means your fees go up by saving more, rolling over your retirement accounts, selling your home and investing the proceeds, or simply the stock market increasing in value. Flat fee investing does not punish you for these actions.

+ How do I get started?

It's extremely easy! Just complete our paperless account opening process and start investing. Contact us below to get started.

Start Investing Intelligently

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While our investment process is completely digital, we still like to start with a human touch.  Schedule a time below to learn more and get started.